Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Highlights

Sorry for the slight summer hiatus!

Summer Highlights:

1) Being home! After a semester abroad in Hong Kong, it is great to be home, back in Boston. Seeing my family and friends on a regular basis (and not through a skype video chat) has made the transition from abroad quite seamless.
2) Running. Being abroad in Hong Kong, the streets were always crowded with people and running outside was hardly an option. This summer I have set a goal of running 120 from the beginning of June until I return to St. Mike's. So far, I am on schedule with my goal and ran in two races, a 5K Father's Day run and a 5M 4th of July run. Running along the coastal streets in Rockport was beautiful.
3) Visiting Vermont. In July, I spent a week in Vermont with my family. I did many "Vermont" things, such as hiking Mount Philo, running along the Burlington bike path, eating breakfast at the Skinny Pancake, relaxing on North Beach, a motorcycle ride from Burlington to Lake Willoughby, boating on Lake Champlain, and going on a 50 mile bicycle ride around lake Champlain. For the second summer in a row my family has participated in this bicycle ride that our oldest family friends got us interested in. On the day of the bicycle ride, it was in the 90's and made the 50 miles seem like 1000.
4) This summer I am working at Finale in Boston, a dessert restaurant. During my first week of training I was sent home with a box of mini cakes as "homework". I have enjoyed the many lessons in customer service, as well as the friendships I have developed with my co-workers. And...eating desserts every once in a while hasn't been so bad either.
5) July Birthdays! My extended family has 7 July birthdays, 3 of which are from my family. My sister Lindsay and I are a year and a week apart. July has always been a month of cakes in my house, we have barely finished eating Lindsay's birthday cake when mine is being served, and three days later we're lighting candles for my dad's birthday. This year for our birthday's, Lindsay and I got plane tickets to San Francisco, my next highlight.
6) Last summer my sister Aubrey moved to San Francisco and now, a year later I finally have the opportunity to visit her! Next week, Lindsay and I will get to spend some time exploring and seeing the place that my sister now considers home. This trip is what I have been looking forward to most all summer.

Overall, it has been an eventful summer and I can't believe it is almost over. Everyday I get more emails from St. Mike's about the start of the semester. I am moving up a few days early for the 4th year in a row to prepare my MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts) program called Temporary Relief. I will also be doing a service project with the other MOVE coordinators. This weekend always starts my semester off on a great note!

Senior Year at St. Michael's College starts in 24 days!