Monday, October 10, 2011

7 Survival Tips for Week 7!

Week 7 of the semester already? Are we really almost halfway through the fall semester? It's Columbus Day and unlike many other colleges, St. Mike's students are not home for fall break. This year, St. Mike's changed our fall break to a week later than in past years. A week may not seem like a huge change, but to students working hard, midterms and papers are definitely on everyone's schedule for the week. In order to stay on top of my work, I've created: 7 Survival Tips for Week 7. Hopefully, using some combination will help everyone get through the week so we can enjoy the four-day weekend ahead.

Survival Tip #1: Don't skip on sleep.
Even when the work seems to be piling up, don't forget to get some sleep. Lack of sleep will only catch up with you later in the week.

Survival Tip #2: Exercise.
Sometimes, a 30-minute run or walk around the nature trail or track is just the study break you need. My dad always recommends this to me when I'm stressing about work, and surprisingly it works to calm me down every time.

Survival Tip #3: Don't forget your friends.
Although you may not be in the same classes as your friends or roommates, we're all working hard. Be respectful of their work and help each other through the week by balancing fun and work.

Survival Tip #4: Alliot is your friend.
Instead of skipping meals because you're too busy cook, use your Alliot meal swipes. Eating well will give you the energy you need to power through the studying, so take the time to go to Alliot for a meal or two if you're feeling crunched for time one day.

Survival Tip #5: Do something crazy.
Do something completely unrelated to schoolwork at least once. Break up you're studying and stressing by adding one thing to your week you normally wouldn't do. Volunteer with MOVE for a few hours, go on a hike with the Outdoor Club, or spend a hour hanging out with your peers at a club you've always been interested in, but never experienced.

Survival Tip #6: Coffee is key.
This one is pretty self explanatory. A little caffeine can go a long way, so grab a tea or coffee on your way to the library.

Survival Tip #7: Listen to music.
Even if you don't like music while you work, take a few minutes when you're stressing out to listen to your favorite song or two. My sister recently recommended this song to me, maybe it's just the four minute study break you're looking for!


  1. Heyy pretty awesome study tips. How bout one of my own, stop stressing, just don't stress, just dont do it, this is a great tip. All you gotta do is just...stop stressing... hahahha :-D Stress does terrible things for work productivity.

  2. Thanks for the advice Clint, but we both know that is impossible for me. Maybe I should invest in a stress ball? That poor ball though...

  3. Hi Carly, i am a 7th grade student and we are reading blogs for reading class and your blog is really great, especially this one we watched the video durring class... my day is now 10x better :) thanks your blogs make me really happy :D

  4. Hi Abbi,

    I'm glad you are enjoying my blog, it's always encouraging to know that I have an audience of people who are interested in my posts. Do you have a blog?

    P.S. The song is pretty great isn't it?

  5. Hey Carly,
    I love this. Every bit of it. Abbi actually recomended your blog to me, and she was so right about it being amazing! (: your study tips are great! And i love this song, i know every single word of it!! your blog. is. amazing. Your blog made me laugh in class (got yelled at, but it was TOTALLY worth it) Thanks for making me smile (:
    age 12