Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Pumpkin Rule

It was so great having fall break, Monday and Tuesday off leaves only 3 days of classes until another relaxing weekend. Over break I decided to get a "classic" fall activity out of my system, carving pumpkins!
The first step in carving pumpkins, and maybe even the most difficult part is picking the perfect pumpkin. There are so many things to consider, size, color, texture, and shape. When I was growing up as a kid, my family had a rule for picking pumpkins. The rule stated that your pumpkin could only be as big as you were willing to carry back from the pumpkin field. I definitely had some trouble with this rule back when I was younger, I would always choose the biggest pumpkin and had to stop a few times on the way back because it was so heavy.
Now, older and wiser, I decided to take a different approach. Price was my main concern, and I ended up choosing a handsome three dollar pumpkin that was on the petite side. I was going to be carving my pumpkin with Clint, who chose a bigger, taller pumpkin. His pumpkin is on the left and mine is on the right.
After carefully picking our pumpkins, we brought them home to carve. I remember carving pumpkins being very different as a child, it seemed to take forever, was fairly difficult, and extremely messy. Having now carved a pumpkin just a few days ago, I realize those things had more to do with me as an individual, than about carving pumpkins. Here are few pictures of Clint and I during the carving process.
It surprised me how different our pumpkins turned out. I took a fairly simple approach, sticking to basic shapes and created a cat face for my pumpkin. Clint decided to do the silhouette method and created a wolf howling at the moon. Here are the finished products!
Overall, I would say I had relaxing, fun, much needed fall break. I'm glad to be back at St. Mike's with my friends and pumpkin carving has only made me that much more excited for Halloween!


  1. You always did have trouble with that pumpkin rule. Always trying to carry things that were "Hebby like a gweeda" (no one really knew what the heck you were talking about what you would say that, which is true of a lot of young Carlyisms!)

  2. Very true, like I said, I'm older and wiser now!

  3. The pumpkins look awesome, and I love/hate the picture of Clint holding all the insides. what a weirdo!