Monday, April 30, 2012

Preparation Day (P-Day)

For Saint Michael’s College Students, P-day is one of the most exciting days of the semester.  P-day stands for Preparation Day, signifying the end of the semester and the end of another academic year.  Historically, P-day has always taken place the Saturday before finals, giving students one last chance for a good time before the studying begins. 
P-day kicks off on the Friday night before this St. Mike’s “holiday”.  Every year, the MLK Society hosts a talent show where students can display their hidden talents.  As a senior, I regret never having attended this event before because it was amazing!  So many talented students were able to take the stage to demonstrate their undeniable talent.  After an incredible talent show, students eagerly await the next day’s festivities.
P-day morning begins with a tricycle race where students find themselves driving a variety of three wheeled vehicles that are inarguably too small.  In the afternoon, students are allowed unlimited access to the “Chew Chew” tent, a large tent that contains local restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine.  Vendors ranged from the Skinny Pancake, to Papa Franks, to Ben &Jerry’s.  This afternoon of fun wouldn’t be complete without a mechanical bull and various inflatables to keep both spectators and participants entertained.
One of my favorite aspects of P-day though is the “p-day attire”.  Students often will design, purchase, or create P-day tshirts. Some students prefer to wear crazy costumes, but regardless of what you choose, students use P-day as an opportunity to show their St. Mike’s pride.  This year, my friends and I designed black tank tops with SMC P-DAY SENIORS on the front. 
Here are a few pictures from this year’s P-day weekend!

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