Monday, April 23, 2012

Saint Michael's College Research Symposium

This past weekend marked Saint Michael’s College 4th Annual Research Symposium. The Research Symposium is intended to give students an opportunity to showcase semester and yearlong research projects, internship experiences, as well as students’ senior thesis papers and projects. Projects are displayed from within every major and department on campus and I took this as an opportunity to learn from students outside of my major.
I learned about “A Combination Therapy Targeting Cystic Fibrosis Protein” from my friend Jenn Maxham, a senior student studying Bio-Chemistry. Jenn Maxham has future plans to move to Australia after graduation and eventually attend graduate school. My friend Mary Spuches, Mathematics major was able to spend some time explaining her three year research project to me about “Uniform Polyhedra in the Octet Truss”. Mary will be graduating this May and will be attending graduate school in South Carolina. These topics, as well as others, were incredibly unfamiliar to me, but I was able to learn more about what other students on campus are working on.
The Research Symposium also featured performances by the various dance classes. The dances ranged from ballet to modern dance, with various skill levels as well. Dance classes can be used to fulfill the artistic experience credits as a Liberal Studies Requirement. I commend my fellow students who participate in dance classes offered at St. Mike’s because I am fairly confident how I think I dance and how I actually dance is not entirely in sync.
Finally, the Research Symposium also featured the Business Department’s, Enterprise Plan Competition. As a senior business major at Saint Michael’s College, students are required to develop a business plan from start to finish. This daunting task is a semester long project, but the result and feeling of accomplishment after completing this project are indescribable. My business plan, “Bow Wow, Burlington’s Biscuit Bakery” was developed along with my two classmates Lauren Southworth and Andrea Park. The top five plans throughout the spring and fall semesters are entered into the annual competition. Unfortunately, “Bow Wow, Burlington’s Biscuit Bakery” came in sixth place, just missing the coveted competition spots.
Attending the competition was a great opportunity to see what my classmates have been working hard on all semester. A few of the competition qualifying plans included a freestyle ski retail shop, a non-profit bereavement camp, as well as a maple syrup “sugar shack”.
The Research Symposium was an overall success and a great learning opportunity for all Saint Michael’s College students.

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  1. Your presentation was wonderful! I think it was a sound business plan.